There’s something to be said for the weekend warrior — the person who gets out there and gets it done with a few YouTube tutorials. If you’re a DIYer at heart, we commend you! But there are many valuable considerations you’ll want to make before acquiring gutter cleaning tools and getting up on your ladder instead of calling your local gutter cleaning service.

Here in Peachtree City, you can trust Mahaney Clean with your gutter cleaning. Your rain gutters are an often overlooked but extremely aspect of your home’s design. After all, you could face expensive and extensive water damage repairs to your foundation after a storm if your rain gutters aren’t functioning as they should. Don’t let that be the case! If you’re searching “how to clean gutters,” make sure to read this checklist and see if it’s worth it to do gutter cleaning yourself. If not, give Mahaney Clean a call today!

How big is the job?

From the very start — when you’re first researching how to clean gutters — take a cold, hard look at just how big the job is. If you can, look around your gutters and see just how much you’ll have to clean out. After watching a few DIY gutter cleaning videos online, you should have a decent idea of whether your home qualifies as a larger or smaller project.

What’s the height?

Do you have a ladder? No matter the height of your home, you’ll need a sturdy, reliable ladder that will make you feel comfortable when you’re feet off the ground. And remember, you’re not just stationary when you’re off the ground — you’ll be moving around and reaching a lot. Depending on the height of your gutters, you may even need to rent a larger ladder.

Do you have experience?

As a weekend DIYer, you’ve been through your fair share of projects. While you may be confident that you can master gutter cleaning on your Peachtree City home, there are always nuances to any skill. A professional gutter cleaning service may simply be able to do a more thorough job — and prevent you from needing to get back up on the latter with your gutter cleaning tools a week later.

Do you have enough time?

You have your family, friends, and hobbies. You have work. Is it worth your time to do your gutter cleaning yourself? Sure, it may just be a few hours from your Saturday morning — but that’s a few hours you could spend with your kids instead. It’s hard to put a monetary value on personal time, but, in our experience, we find that customers never regret spending a bit more money to increase time spent with family.

Do you need gutter cleaning in Peachtree City? Contact Mahaney Clean. When it comes to residential cleaning services — from gutter cleaning to pressure washing — we’ll always exceed your expectations. Hire us for gutter cleaning today.