The term “pressure washing” itself can be misleading. Many think shooting high-pressured water at a dirty object is good enough to clean it. Sometimes, however, that’s the worst idea.

Soft-Wash House Washing

Here at Mahaney Clean, protecting your property is our first priority while providing our residential cleaning services. Hardie-plank, vinyl, shake cedar, wood decking, and other common home surfaces are easily damaged by high-pressured water. We rely upon the best equipment in the industry and environmentally-friendly chemicals to do the heavy lifting. Our method is safer, costs you less, and provides a much longer-lasting clean. Instead of renting a commercial pressure washer and doing it yourself, trust our experience for a clean driveway, deck, or siding. First, we coat every surface from gutters to ground with our special foaming mixture. After our mix sits for a very specific period of time, we rinse thoroughly to leave your home looking better than you thought it could. Many of our customers call us and schedule pressure washing services to prepare for an expensive paint job — only to discover their paint is strong and glowing after our techniques remove years of mold, mildew, pollen, and dirt.

Traditional Pressure Washing

Many surfaces require high-pressured water to be cleaned effectively, such as driveways, masonry work, pool decks, patios, and other concrete surfaces. Even these more resilient materials can be easily damaged if pressure washing equipment isn’t operated safely and skillfully. We rely upon pressure-regulating nozzles and surface cleaners to safely and efficiently restore these porous, concrete features around your home.

After 20 years of pressure cleaning experience, we know when, where, and how our modern systems should be applied to safely restore any conventional building material to its cleanest possible state.

Driveways and Concrete

Many customers ask us about our “magical” surface cleaning machine. We think it’s magical too, but really it’s just the best surface cleaning solution money can buy. Powered only by highly pressurized water, this cleaner floats across your concrete at a consistent height and steady pressure for the most even and controlled clean available.

Hot Water Cleaning

You wouldn’t wash a greasy frying pan with cold water, would you? Neither would we. Many jobs require steaming hot water for the deepest clean, and our modern equipment is equipped for just that. We can heat our water up to 300 degrees for the toughest jobs. Work with Mahaney Clean in Peachtree City for pressure washing today.