Clean driveways, decking, siding, and more could be the envy of the neighborhood! Sometimes, it can feel so hard to maintain a good-looking driveway that you just become accustomed to how it looks and let the stains, spills, wear, and tear build and build for years on end.

Instead, look into pressure washing services! However, you definitely don’t want to hire a professional pressure washing company. Here are six reasons to rent a power washer and do it yourself instead of hiring a commercial pressure washer.

You’ll Waste Time

Who wants more time? You’ll benefit more from going out and renting a power washer, watching YouTube video tutorials, and then spending hours on end outside of your house with a big machine you don’t know how to use. What better way to spend your Saturday morning than outside with a pressure washer and not with your family?

You’ll Be Unhappy With The End Product

You know what’s better than a clean driveway? Doing pressure washing yourself, discovering you can’t actually achieve a clean driveway, and then hiring pressure washing services anyway! Whether you notice it the day of or a week later, you’ll love not being happy with the end product of your hard work with the pressure washer.

You’ll Be Unsafe

Safety, schmafety, right? You’re not just a weekend warrior determined to master this DIY project in a few quick hours — you’re a risk-taker and an adrenaline-junkie. It’s much better to try and do pressure washing yourself and put both you and your property at risk.

Your Surfaces Won’t Be Protected

Any pressure washer you find will totally do the trick. Besides, you’ve researched enough that you’re confident about the different settings to use on your deck, vinyl siding, and driveway. You know the exact water pressure and temperature you need for all of it — so really there’s no need to find professional washing services. And the solution that you’ll use when pressure washing? Your “homemade power washing solution” will probably work just fine.

You’ll Waste Water

A power washer can use up to four gallons of water per minute. You’re fully trained in water-conservation techniques, though, so conserving water shouldn’t be a problem! You’ll be careful about allowing water to flow into your yard or neighbor’s yard — no harm, no foul.

You’ll Waste Money

Between renting a pressure washer, buying or making the cleaning solution, all the time involved, and hiring a professional pressure washer a week later, you’ll definitely save more money by doing pressure washing yourself. Getting to do this twice a year? That’s a bonus.

This blog, obviously, is sarcastic. We hope it pointed out the many ways that it’s actually more beneficial to hire professional pressure washing services in Peachtree City instead of trying to do it yourself. Contact Mahaney Clean today — we’d be happy to help you save time, money, and water, while also improving your safety and the project’s outcome. Hire us for pressure washing in Peachtree City.